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Hey, I’m Anna.  Welcome to My Hub.

Are you challenged in areas that matter most to you?

Empower is my favorite action word, because it moved me forward.

Suffering from Post-Partum Depression (PPD) years back is indeed a blessing in disguise for me.  It’s my defining moment to change the course of my life and be the best version of myself.

You may not have experienced PPD in your life, but I believe you may have also undergone an adversity at some point.  Whatever it is, worry not!  Because I’m here to help you.

And I can promise you this:  You can definitely claim your power back and re-ignite your inner strength for a renewed and best YOU!  But you have to ACT NOW.

Let’s talk.

Ignite Your Power Within

“I’m a Serial Mommy Entrepreneur because I want to inspire and help other parents, especially moms, to be the best version of themselves and become entrepreneurs while running their household.”

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Are you a parent like me, or simply somebody, who’s feeling overwhelmed, as though nothing gets accomplished no matter how hard you try?

You’re not alone; I used to have that same problem, too! I’m a mother to four young kids, and exhaustion creeps into my system due to a pile of tasks and responsibilities to do every single day.

I’ve tried different strategies, but they all failed. Until I realized there’s one missing piece of the puzzle…and it’s “About Time.”

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Let not fear stop you from being the best version of yourself and fulfilling your God-given purpose.” – Anna Santos

DISCLAIMER:  Anna’s products and services are not a substitute for any form of clinical interventions or therapies but rather a source of support system for inspiration and empowerment.

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Its About time

7 Useful Tips to Boost Your Productivity.

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