3 Powerful Secrets Revealed
To Win In Life As A
Woman Regardless
Of Your Life's Status...

What If I Tell You That I've Discovered Effective Means
That Changed The Course Of My Life
In Just 21 Days

Who would have thought that somebody in her prime years would suffer from an ordeal of losing almost everything?

I was emotionally, socially, and mentally unstable for many months due to the effects of depressed mood with heightened anxiety after my fourth child was born years ago.  They call it Post-Partum Depression or simply PPD.

PPD is clinically no different from a depressive episode that may occur at different times in a woman’s life.  

I’ve had excessive feelings of worthlessness, affecting diminished concentration and inability to think — thus, feeling frustrated and losing interest in things that usually bring me pleasure.  I lost almost everything because I felt I lost my self.

One morning…

I had the tenacity to grab my laptop, opened my blank Word document, and started to write down

And the rest is history.

No matter who you are, what your color is, where you came from, or what your status in life is…

You definitely need to read these 3 Powerful Secrets that I shared in my book.  It was life-changing for me, and it will surely be for you, too!

A mother or not, this book is for every woman in the world.

In here, you’ll learn about:





One of Anna’s inspirations to write this masterpiece is Dr. John Gray’s famous book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, where she highlighted the amazing traits of a woman.  After suffering from Post-Partum Depression years back, Anna became a strong advocate of empowering every woman in the world to find her true self and elevate her worth.  She believes that womanhood is a divine gift and a celebration of power, beauty and love.

A woman’s sense of self is defined through her feelings and the quality of her relationships.” – Dr. John Gray

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About The Author

Anna is a Medical Technologist by profession & a medical transcriptionist for over 20 years now.  She’s dubbed as the “Serial Mommy Entrepreneur,” who runs her businesses from home.  She finds balance and joy in all that she does, which she willingly shares to others around the world through her speaking engagements, life coaching, self-development programs, etc.  She simply loves life. 

Anna Santos

What Readers say

“I enjoyed and learned a lot from this book.  It gave me a new perspective about understanding myself as a woman.  This is a must-read for every woman who wants to be fulfilled in every aspect of her life.  And, yes!  We can have it all.” 

Crestine Carson

“A very empowering book, not only for mothers but for all women.  Self-worth is what this book had taught me.  I highly recommend that you buy your copy, as investing in yourself is highly important.  Kudos, Anna!

Sheilah Mesina

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Let not fear stop you from being the best version of yourself and fulfilling your God-given purpose.” – Anna Santos

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