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I’d previously struggled to find balance between family and work that made me think I couldn’t enjoy both worlds.  Because my reality was…

I really wanted to be able to make money while attending to my family’s needs as a full-time mom and a wife.  But my question was:  “Would it even be possible to do that?”

While I’ve had no primary support system to help me raise our four children because my husband needed to work full-time during the day, being employed in a corporate setting outside my house wasn’t feasible for me.  And I thought to myself…

There must be a way, but I felt I was left with no option.

Until one day…

While sipping my cup of coffee at our kitchen table, an idea just suddenly came to me!

I immediately grabbed my pen and paper to write down every detail I could download from my head.

RESOURCES.  That was the first word!

Wondering what this meant, I looked around for the resources I have.

Sure, I have my house.  I have a laptop, internet.  What else?  Oh wait…I have me!

I’ve shared proven strategies that I personally do to earn money legitimately, using any part of my house, while running my household. 

And in this book, you’ll learn about:




Most mothers are trapped between family and job, leaving them stuck, undecided, and confused about which way to go.  This book has proven several legitimate strategies to earn money legitimately, both online and offline, using any part of the house while being fully hands-on and staying on top of their household duties.

I highly recommend that you buy this book.  You’ll invest in something you’ll never regret.” – Bro. Bo Sanchez

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About The Author

Anna is a Medical Technologist by profession & a medical transcriptionist for over 20 years now.  She’s dubbed as the “Serial Mommy Entrepreneur,” who runs her businesses from home.  She finds balance and joy in all that she does, which she willingly shares to others around the world through her speaking engagements, life coaching, self-development programs, etc.  She simply loves life. 

Anna Santos

What Readers say

“Simple, concise, practical heaps of tips and easy-to-understand book for a stay-at-home mom who wants to become an entrepreneur.  A very inspiring motivational author.  Highly recommended.”

Cristy Ann Frial

“Anna’s experiences and expertise will be a gold mine to everyone who will  read her beautifully authored book.  Mothers play a very important role in every household, more so in our society.”

Joe Dickson

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Let not fear stop you from being the best version of yourself and fulfilling your God-given purpose.” – Anna Santos

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