7 Step-by-Step Guide

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How To Jump From Your 9-to-5 Job And Set Up Your Own Transcription Business From Home With Sustainable And Well-Paying Clients In 90 Days Or Less.

In 2012, I suffered from “Post-Partum Depression” (PPD) after my fourth child was born.  I felt that I lost myself and my motivation to do the things I loved to do.  It got me thinking that it must have been related to my anxiety of going back to work in the hospital, thus leaving my beautiful baby behind after my one-year maternity leave.

And I thought to myself, “There there must be another way.”

One day, a “medical doctor” friend approached me at work, asking me to help him with his transcription for his patients that he was seeing at that time through his other affiliations.  

And that’s how my entrepreneurial journey in the transcription world began.  

Now, I’d like to share with you my 7 Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Transcription Work from Home.


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